GEC’s trip to Compton Cross Country

On Friday 8th August nine of us and our mounts loaded up and drove to Compton to tackle the cross country cross. The course is 6 miles long with the most beautiful views over the South Downs. It has 75 optional jumps, which range in size from 1’9″ to 3’6″.

We had a fabulous day. Between us we jumped most of the fences, even the water jump! All the horses and ponies were very well behaved – maybe apart from Bubbles who was particularly spooky that day!

Approximately half way round the course we came across a water troth in a field. After the horses had ‘had a good look at it’ and realised they didn’t have to jump it we had a rest and they had a drink.

After about 3 hours of cross country jumping and hacking we arrived back at our start point. We untacked and washed off the horses (who were extremely sweaty), gave them their haynets and then we enjoyed our picnics and a well-earned rest.

A great day out!

Chester & Sophia xc   Bart & Katie xc   Group hack xc   Dinky & Amelia xc   Sean & Hattie xc
Girls picnic xc   Marley & Millie xc   Corky & Orla xc   Cuso & Debbie xc

Group shot xc   Debbie & Crystal xc   Group hack 2 xc

   Water stop at xc   Bubbles & Crystal xc   Onyx & Anna xc

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