Halloween Fancy Dress Competition and Gymkhana

Even through it was a beautiful warm, sunny day at Greatham Equestrian Centre the yard had a spooky and super natural feel! It was Halloween and 18 children and teenagers arrived early in the morning to transform themselves and their horses/ponies into Halloween monsters!

We had devils, zombies, skeletons, witches and spiders. We even had a Princess? The horses were draped in black robes and red capes. Marley, Cuso and Puzzle were spray-painted. Wispa had black bats painted on his hindquarters. Sean was turned into a zombie with a backcombed spikey mane and fake blood everywhere; Rupert made a great pumpkin and Foxy wore a blue wig!

Julie and Jody (Debbie’s sister and niece who were visiting from their competition yard in France) were invited to judge the Fancy Dress Competition. It was split into 2 classes, the 11 year olds and under and over 11’s. The two classes paraded around the school. Julie and Jody had a tough job on their hands as everyone had made such a huge effort. Everyone looked FANTASTICLY SCARY!

Fancy Dress Results

Class 1 – 11 years and under
1st Caitlin on Cuso
2nd Issie on Sean
3rd Jasmine on Minnie
4th Katie on Rupert
5th Tilly on Puzzle
6th Sienna on Guinness

Class 2 – Over 11’s
1st April on Onyx
2nd Jennifer on Dinky
3rd Elise on Marley
4th Hattie on Bubbles
5th Bella on Wispa
6th Emily on Apache
7th Sasha on Foxy

Best in competition – Caitlin riding Cuso.

All competitors were given a rosette. Caitlin and April were presented with a large tin of retro sweets for winning their classes. And after much deliberation the overall winners, Caitlin and Cuso, were presented with a winners trophy.

After the Halloween Fancy Dress had been judged the gymkhana games started. We had four groups, starting with the youngest in group one and with the teenagers in group four. The races included Witches Walk and Terrifying Trot Race, Rat Race, Maggot in the Cup Race, Pumpkin Race, Ride and Run for your Life and Pumpkin Elimination.

Gymkhana Results

Group 1
1st Mary-Jane on Mattie
2nd Francessa on Alfie
3rd Darci on Guinniess
4th Katie on Rupert
5th Georgia on Tiny

Group 2
1st Caitlin on Mattie
2nd Issie on Wispa
3rd Tilly on Onyx
4th Sienna on Guinness
5th Emily on Apache

Group 3
1st Lara on Apache
2nd Jasmine on Dinky
3rd Elise on Puzzle
4th Jennifer on Mattie
5th Emse on Rupert

Group 4
1st Bella on Wispa
2nd Sasha on Puzzle
3rd Hattie on Sean
4th April on Onyx

The horses and ponies were returned to their normal appearance after having fake blood and spray-paint washed off. They were turned out for a well-deserved rest.

Everyone had a super day. I know some of the girls are already making plans for Halloween 2015………!


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